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04-03-2013, 09:57 AM
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As a Dallas fan it's kinda depressing that teams like Columbus, the Islanders and Winnipeg are looking more like playoff teams than the Stars

Trade deadline update:

Vancouver: Great to see them building for a long run...
Montreal: Will be interesting to see if/what they add and if it will be offense.
Ottawa: Will be interesting to see if/what they'll add depth-wise.
Phoenix: Selling? Pushing for the playoffs? Staying put?
New York Islanders: Pushing for that playoff run that's finally within reach or just staying put. Hard to see them selling - but if they got something planned for next year they might try to make the most of the assets they got. Frans Nielsen could come into play that way - but I'm having a hard time seeing it.
Dallas: Selling big time. So far mostly forward for young D. VikingNuck maybe be able to elaborate but from the scouting reports both Connauton and Gauce seems like offensive minded D-men with some size.

Not sure if/how this effects Philip Larsen but as a sheer numbers game he's now up against Oleksiak, Nemeth, Morrow, Dillon, Connauton, Gauce and some other long shots(Vance, Klingberg, Jokipakka) for the spots next the core of Daley and Goligoski + Benn + 2 more years of Rome and it's starting to look some what tight there. Let's see if the sell of some piece.
Philly: Can't be adding so perhaps some more games for Lauridsen?
Colorado: With the Gaunce-switch there seems to be more room for Markus Lauridsen. Lets hope they don't add more minor league d-depth.
Anaheim: Can't see how anything related to Frederik Andersen is gonna change

EDIT: Oh and great with the hockey card thing! Almost though you'd made a mistake with Boedker/Regin but you easily forget those Gretsky years where Boedker took a step back before reemerging as the player he is today.

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