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08-18-2006, 09:38 AM
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Originally Posted by The n00b King ©
Punk, it appears to me, simply is something people have stopped buying into. I mean Thrice used to be punk, but turned more emo with their last album. Emo's the new Punk. Kind of ironic actually...
Thrice was never punk....They were "screamo" which isn't at all far away from emo, they just made a minor adjustement.

Originally Posted by The n00b King
Btw, Underoath is a hardcore Christian band, for those who didnt know...kinda like Zao...
I'm not sure weither the new singer is a Christian or not, but I know that you can no longer call them hardcore. The ex-singer of Underoath is now in Maylene and The Sons of disaster (

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