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Originally Posted by Jafar View Post

GM: Jafar
Captain: Mikhailov
Assistant: Bourque
Assistant: Coulter


Tommy Gorman


Busher Jackson - Frank Boucher - Boris Mikhailov
Shane Doan - Jeremy Roenick - Helmut Balderis
Joe Klukay - Don Luce - Tony Amonte
Sergei Kapustin - Troy Murray - Mario Tremblay

Raymond Bourque - Art Coulter
Jimmy Thomson - Gus Mortson
Bobby Rowe - Mathieu Schneider

Georges Vézina
Al Rollins

Jason Spezza , Rick Ley , Steve Thomas , Georges Laraque

PP1: Jackson - Boucher - Mikhailov
Schneider - Bourque

PP2: Kapustin - Roenick - Balderis
Mortson - Thomson

PK1: Klukay - Luce
Bourque - Coulter

PK2: Murray - Boucher

PK3: Tremblay - Amonte


I think Gorman is a little above average as a coach, but not a top 10 guy. His forechecking system fits your team's personnel very well.


Not much to've got loads.

1st Line: A strong line, Boucher is the playmaker and defensive conscience, and two gritty wings should be able to forecheck well.

2nd Line: IMO this is the weakest part of your team. Balderis is good on the RW, but Roenick and Doan are below average for their roles. I do think Roenick was a great pick where you took him and has been underrated in the ATD, I just think TDMM and Sturm are underestimating how good an average 2nd Line C is. I would say that guys like Fredrickson, Sundin, Lemaire, Primeau are average, and Roenick is at best in the next tier down with guys like Sittler, Lafontaine, Zetterberg.

3rd Line: A good 3rd line that will be very good but not great at shutting down top lines. Luce and Amonte provide some offensive threat. As was said above, high-end LW's could be an issue.

4th Line: Good, but nothing special.

1st Pair: A strong pair. An elite #1 and average #2 should be better than most first pairs.

2nd Pair: I think that this is a strong, above average, 2nd pairing. Sturm, I do think that you are overrating these guys some. Comparing Thomson to Jack Crawford, who I see as an average #3...
AS Thomson: 3, 4, 5, 6, 6, 6, 6/7**
AS Crawford: 1, 3, 5, 5, 6*, 6*, 7, 8, 8,
**this is a guess for the year that he was not top 4 but played in the AS game
*War Years, also missed games to injury both years
The AS records are very close. I definitely think Thomson should be seen as better than Crawford, because of the dynasty and tougher competition, but I don't think the gap is huge. I think if Crawford is an average #3 then Thomson should be an above average #3.

I see Mortson as an above average #4. Sturm called him a below average #3...Not going to go as in-depth on this one, but again looking at Jack Crawford, is Mortson really that close to Crawford where he is just one step down. I don't think he is.

3rd Pairing: Wish there was a linked bio for Rowe, but I think of him as a high-end #5. Schneider is nothing special as a #6, but Rowe makes this a strong, above average, 3rd pairing.

Vezina was one of the best picks of the draft, maybe the best pick. I have him battling it out for #10 all-time with Gardiner, and a small but clear step above Benedict.

Special Teams
Powerplay: Above average first unit, 2nd unit is average to slightly below average.

Penalty Kill: Very strong, with a high-end/elite 1st unit and a strong 2nd unit


This team is a strong entry, with good personnel to play their coaches style. Defense, goaltending, 1st line, and PKing are this team's strengths. The only real weakness I see is the 2nd line. I think if someone is going to beat this team, exposing that 2nd line will be the key, while somehow keeping everything else in check. Definitely one of the better entries that I am not at all happy to have in my division, good job Reen/Sturm.

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