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Originally Posted by Catch-22 View Post
That is PR. Nothing more. You will believe what you want to but her motive for saying that is clear; "Mike is taking powerskating for the first time. Because it's the first time people can speculate that there is something new about his attitude and/or game and that he deserves another chance." If you read post #26 on page 2, you will know why I do not believe what she is saying. I'll tell you one thing; if she says that this is his first time taking powerskating, then I definitely know more about his life pre-2002 than she does.
Umm, unless I'm mistaken (a distinct possiblity I'm afraid), I think she was saying, this is the first time Mike has focussed solely on powerskating. From what I gather from your post (please correct me if I'm wrong) earlier on (oh my gawd...I actually went back to read up on post 26...) I gather that you were taking skating lessons with Ribs as opposed to lessons that focused solely on powerskating. If true, then she could be correct. Course as you say, it could be just PR.

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