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04-03-2013, 12:58 PM
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Originally Posted by eva unit zero View Post
Perhaps I should have been slightly more specific in my wording and included "at the point in their career they were playing with Fedorov". Because Yzerman did play on Fedorov's line for part of 2001-02, along with Shanahan, but Yzerman then and Shanahan then were not better than Zhamnov was when he played with Selanne.
Yzerman and Shanahan were still better players than Zhamnov. We both know there's no way you believe someone like Zhamnov was ever better than Yzerman so please don't try and play that card. 2002 also wasn't the only time Fedorov played with those two.

It would be like saying that the 1995 Red Wings had the best defense corps ever assembled; it was

That's three of the four best defensemen of the ~1980s, plus the best defenseman of the period from 1995 until now. Another who was on track to challenge for that spot until his career was ended by a car accident, one who can make a legitimate HHOF case as a defensive defenseman on NHL+international play, and one of the best stay-at-homes from the late-80s/90s. But none of them were in their primes.

Imagine that group, all in their primes. Any defense that would be forced to scratch a prime Bob Rouse (because it'd be him on primes) is just unfair.
None of them may have been in their prime although I'd argue Konstantinov was but they were all still great defensemen. Coffey won a Norris trophy in his time with the wings and was a PPG player in that time as well. Larry Murphy was also still good offensively as well.

Go back to my point about Yzerman's knee injury. Yzerman went knee-first into a goal post. He lost speed and agility that he never recovered. Ended the season with 64 GP, 50-52-102. Over 80, that projects to 63-65-128. What happened the next season, after Yzerman had rested all summer, and adapted to his new skating speed?

He scored 65 goals and 155 points. Gretzky/Lemieux territory.

The following season, he hit 62-65-127, almost the exact rate from 1987-88.

Yzerman's knee injury was much more severe; why did it not affect him the way Selanne's allegedly affected him?
Take into account the age both were when they were injured. Yzermans injury occurred at a younger age. Selanne was in his 30s. He was already declining. And it's not like Selanne never came back from his injury. Post lockout he was back to his normal speed and look what he accomplished. Plus the easy answer to your question is that no two injuries are the same and injuries affect players differently. Also please don't turn this into an Yzerman vs Selanne thread now.

I claimed that Fedorov would have scored 1 goal and 1 assist based on separate GPG and APG, making 2 points. I also stated IN THE ORIGINAL POST YOU ARE DISPUTING that if you used simple PPG, Fedorov only gained one point, but he had a slightly higher PPG overall (contrary to the initial assertion that their PPG was identical).
That you refuse to comprehend this is absolutely unbelievable.
I Claimed they had the same PPG because at first glance with simple rounding they both have a 1.37 PPG. But that wasn't fair to Fedorov I guess. So you have to nitpick that Fedorov has a hundredth of a point better PPG. Which I guess is fine. But if you're going to question my rounding then I have to question yours. Separating GPG and APG still doesn't really prove that based on stats he would get two points. .50 GPG doesn't equate to scoring 1 goal in a game. .87 APG doesn't mean Fedorov would get 1 assist in a game. I'm done arguing this point because its nonsense. I've already said that Fedorov had the better season as a player but Selanne was better offensively based on having more goals, more points, and the same, well almost the same PPG.

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