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04-03-2013, 12:07 PM
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[QUOTE=NBHockey;63120545]Ya Bower is pretty gritty and I have him in my top five NB forwards who would be... Bower, Leblanc (can't deny the scoring) and I think his physical play is improving, Tompkins (can't deny the two way player he is) and Ward (another good two way player). Vance isn't really a forward in my mind, I remember him at the ACC as a defense and thought he was one of the best there.

Paul seems to have deceptive speed, he really can motor when he takes the rush. I wish he would do it more, I think that plays better to his skill set. Hachey is big... and I think a decent skater, certainly better than some of the others, just not as fast as Paul. Hachey to me has more of a physical side to his game so far and I think he has a good shot.[/QU

I don't want to pick a kid apart but I think Hachey has good size but doesn't think the game fast enough which is why he has so many turnovers and is out of posistion often, he is a strong north -south skater but his lateral ability is questionable IMO this is why he gets walked around so often if those things improve he could turn out to be an ok Dman.The only real physical D on the team is Deschene due to the fact that he is a 200 lbs at 15, Will Thompson can play the physical from time to time.It will be interesting to see how Becker looks after being at OHA again this year.

I agree with you about Vance being a better D than Forward not sure if it was his choice to move to forward or the coach on his midget team moved him there? and he can play physical!

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