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12-27-2003, 12:09 PM
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I'd just like to point out that since we're talking about a league-wide shift in regulations, wins and losses has NOTHING to do with the conversation. Yes, New Jersey plays a defensive system and wins with it...yes their fans should be happy, because they have a group of talented enough players to be able to play this sort of system effectively and still score enough to they shouldn't be blamed for the deterioration of the NHL product. This all has nothing to do with a debate on how to improve the NHL's product. If you're looking at how to make the game more entertaining for the league's fans as a whole, or now to improve the flow of the game, whether or not one or two team's fans like the way their team plays the game is irrelevant. No matter what state the game is in, a certain number of teams will be successful, and their fans will be happy. When looking at changes, you have to take into account whats good for the league as a WHOLE, not "oh, this wins in the league's current state, and winning is what matters, so lets not change anything". Someone will always win. Some team's fans will always be happy.

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