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Originally Posted by Bluenote13 View Post
Dane Byers missed 30, then 20, then 10 games his first 3 years in the WHL. He played two full(almost full) seasons on Hartford and missed almost the entire 2009 season.
30 games? WHLers don't play 80 games in a season, dude. You also don't expect him to be playing every game as a rookie in the WHL, do you? Because THAT is unrealistic. He first was getting good ice time in his 3rd season.

And, again. The 2009 season was the first time he had MAJOR injury problems. And it was one single, bad injury as well.

Still a solid pick? We had 4 2nd rounders and one became an NHL player. One. SOLID !

Goligoski was a known, won Mr Hockey in Minny, yet we passed on him 4 times, how is that Cherry picking, everyone knew he was good, unlike all the other teams that year the Rangers passed on him 4 times before the Pens snatched him up.
And are you talking about the same year? Goligoski was not a 2005 draft pick. I think you are confusing Byers with Sauer (who I was talking about with that quote). The 2004 draft was miserable and I hated most of the picks. The Don Maloney years were ****ing horrible.

I hold people accountable to what they say.
As do I. But I tend to do it in a bit nicer manner (again, this is ME saying this -- of ALL the people here! LOL).

I expect posters to do the same with me. If I'm wrong, tell me, explain it to me, just don't say ahh thats garbage, we dont need drafts picks, look at the percentages!" Thats just a cop out. People refuse to acknowledge the risks involved. What makes it worse is that so many on here act as if we are the model example of a franchise who knows what they're doing, yet have won nothing while turning over the roster year after year.
Who is refusing to acknowledge the risks? If anything, you're refusing to acknowledge the benefits of being risk averse with draft picks and moving them for solidified talents.

I admit that on here I will always come off as a know it all to some, that's fine, I'm pretty confident guy who has some history involved in hockey going back to the early 1980's.
Coming off as a know-it-all is fine. I don't believe it's a bad thing. But you need to be a bit less ridiculous when you're cherry-picking things to criticize others with. That's my point. If you want to say that I've been wrong, then start listing all the times I've been right. I can go and revisit old threads (Stepan, Nigel Williams, AJ Thelen, and countless others) to toot my horn all I want. So if you're going to pick out when I'm wrong, balance it out with the many more times that I've been right. I take a lot of offense with what you've been doing here, since you have been trying to discredit my opinion in this thread with one wrong NFL prediction and a not-yet-wrong NHL prediction while ignoring every single other thing. I think you can see why that would annoy someone. Particularly someone who respects you and has been pretty damn nice to you for years, now.

I have no problems with you giving me your two cents, I appreciate and respect it immensely. There's nothing wrong with us having a difference of opinion, or being confident about it. Just don't resort to name calling and that kind of stuff that clogs up these boards. Remember when it was just us 'rival' posters. Those were the days
I don't disagree. I'm not name calling anyone here. Calling you smug is not name calling. It's addressing something in your character that I think has needed addressing for a long time, now. If you erase that (and honestly -- I don't remember you acting this way years ago), we can get back to just disagreeing with each other on some things and agreeing with each other on others. It usually ends up being Edge and myself vs you, anyway

You've been one of my favorite posters for years. So consider this a recommendation. I miss the old non-jerk Bluenote, basically.

Hug it out, *****.

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