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I like JFA's team. Always full of oldies and Euro'sv

Originally Posted by JFA87-66-99 View Post

Head Coach - Jack Adams
Assistant Coach - Billy Reay

Johnny Bucyk - Milt Schmidt - Bryan Hextall Sr.
Gordon Roberts - Mickey MacKay - Vaclav Nedomansky
Tommy Smith - Vladimir Shadrin - Jack Marshall
Harry Westwick - Marty Walsh - Ernie Russell

J.C. Tremblay - Herb Gardiner
Joe Simpson - Adam Foote
Viktor Kuzkin - Bucko McDonald

Terry Sawchuk
Bouse Hutton

D - Jack Laviolette
F- Pud Glass
LW- Vsevolod Bobrov
1st line: Well you've got one my favourite all-time player in Milt Schmidt. Good start. The guy is so well rounded. Johnny Bucyk is a superb LW, rough and tumble with great playmaking attribute. You've got the typical low-end, goalscoring 1st liner in Bryan Hextall. I wish there was a bit more goalscoring, a bit less playmaking on that line, but overall a very good one.

2nd line: Again, big fan of your centre.Mickey Mackay is a splendid all-around player. You flank him with Doc Roberts, a great goalscorer not afraid of the rough stuff and Vaclav Nedomansky, with his speed and great wrister. A typical ATD 2nd line, but I ought to think better than average.

3rd line: Kind of an odd line. Shadrin was known as a good defensive forward, while Tommy Smith is a great, one way, offensive forward with a short peak. Jack Marshall is kinda a jack-of-all-trade, rough and speedful. I always saw Jack Marshall more of a fourth liner honestly. I would probably move Marshall with Ernie Russell, to make that third line more offensively potent.

4th line: Ah Marty Walsh, another one of my favourite. I tried for three days to trade up for that guy, what a steal where you got him! Ought to be one of the very best 4th liner in the draft. Harry Westwick is a typical 4th liner pest with loads of intangible. Ernie Russell is a good offensive forward. If you want a typical defense first third line and offensive fourth line, I would try:

Westwick - Shadrin - Marshall
Smith - Walsh - Russell

But that makes your fourth line very strong! But your third line a bit weak.

All in all, a fantastic group of forward. Kudos.

1st pairing: JC Tremblay is more of an elite #2 D than a #1 D, but he works well with Herb Gardiner. A low-end 1st pairing, but can definitely stay competitive

2nd pairing: Bullet Jo and his offensive flair with Adam Foote the rock. Works very well, both should be 2nd pairing defenceman. I would guess an average 2nd pairing, but I like the combination

3rd pairing: Just bought a Matriochka, and Kuzkin was the the smallest one! On that note, excellent 3rd pairing, both play their role well.

Goaltenders: Terry Sawchuk is an elite goalkeeper. During his prime he played pretty much all the games, but do to his short prime, I would of love to see a better backup. Hutton is not that guy, but overall, obviously, a solid group of goalkeeper that can win you some games.

Coach: Good group of coach that should work well with your group I think.

Special Teams: I'll wait until you post them to comment I guess. From the look of your team, you should have no trouble icing a great PP & PK with the forwards you own. For the defenceman, the PK should be alright, but you seem to be missing a defenceman for the PP. Any forwards can play the point?

Why this team will win:
- A great and balanced group of forwards
- Terry Sawchuk
- The versatility of the forward group
- Great Special team unit for the forwards

Why this team will lose:
- Lack of a true #1 & shutdown D pairing
- Lack of depth on the special team for the D

Overall, a fantastic entry. I really love it. You should do very well in this draft JFA. Good luck!

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