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Originally Posted by pepperMonkey View Post
Umm, unless I'm mistaken (a distinct possiblity I'm afraid), I think she was saying, this is the first time Mike has focussed solely on powerskating. From what I gather from your post (please correct me if I'm wrong) earlier on (oh my gawd...I actually went back to read up on post 26...) I gather that you were taking skating lessons with Ribs as opposed to lessons that focused solely on powerskating. If true, then she could be correct. Course as you say, it could be just PR.

It was powerskating.

Perhaps that difference you note explains what she was saying. But to even make a big deal out of the difference between combination conditioning and powerskating and just powerskating? That's a pretty good example of hairsplitting and, truthfully, it's really not significant.

Now, if you believe he was powerskating before this summer, then I ask you. Why is it only being reported now? The answer is clear to me. Either they didn't know, didn't want to know and/or the timing is very convenient. Ribeiro's career is now in jeopardy. It suits both him and his supporters to make this into an issue now and encourage us to think that he should get another chance. It also makes for good copy. The subject/hero (Ribeiro) is conveniently a national icon in Quebec, and reporting his latest powerskating engagement is romantic a la Rocky Balboa. This helps to draw the necessary audience and make it a story.

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