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Originally Posted by InjuredChoker View Post
Ansar Khan ‏@AnsarKhanMLive 33 s
Zetterberg says he's optimistic he'll play tomorrow.

I don't think Wings expected him to maintain that pace. No one did pretty much. Or at least shouldn't have.

Goal scoring goes down as you age. I think they expected more though.

He was basically signed to 7x5.2 mil. contract or so, then added the remaining 4 years to bring it to eleven years. That's not 40 goal scorer UFA money imo and wasn't back then.

Franzen would have gotten that as UFA, maybe more. So they pretty much
had to do it. Not bc they expected him to score 40 as he had never done it over regular season.

30-35 goals and playoff beast. The Franzen that doesn't give up on play and drives the net. Yeah, we don't have him as now.

Not saying it was good deal or they made the right decision by letting Hossa walk etc. but this is how I see it.
The Wings knew they could pay Franzen $5M for 5 years a year or $4M a year for 11 years.

Franzen was red hot for 13 months. But not everyone was convinced he was the beast he appeared to be. He didn't have a long track record to get the kind of deal like Hossa, for example.

So the Wings gambled, picking Franzen over Hossa.

Did they expect a 56-goal pace he'd been on for 13 months? No.

But I think they thought they were getting a deal on a goal scoring machine.

Franzen, on a couple of occasions since, has been a "goal scoring marchine."

He's had a couple really hot starts. but he's also had stretches where he was invisible for months at a time.

I don't think ANYONE envisioned the Franzen we see today,

But that's what happens when you sign a guy with no track track record to an 11-year deal

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