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Originally Posted by mcphee View Post
I have taken issue with Rib's skating in the past. I won't make sweeping generalizations about him, but there are 2 specific things about his skating that I notice.

1 Darz mentionned it another thread, sometimes he doesn't skate, simply keeping his feet moving is key. He isn't strong enough,few are to play a stationary game.

2 Power off the 1st step. Picture the pp, Kovy playing high on the faceoff arc, Ribs or Koivu off the crease on the right side. Koivu takes a pass and takes a strong step towards the net, he's no shooter but he has good hands in tight. The D has to react to his movement,giving options to Koivu, the shot or the cross crease play to Ryder. Ribs takes the same pass and looks for his options, he doesn't move strong to the net to force the D. If he can improve his first step, he'll be more productive I believe.

Should he have used each off season to fine tune his game ? I think so. I've read stuff about Brad Richards how he identifies weaknesses and works on them. The ability and determination to do this is a talent in itself. I've heard mumblings about Carbo believing Ribs has to take 'being in the NHL' more seriously.

Well, he's signed to a generous contact, maybe they believe he'll get there.

He had an odd season last year. At times it seemed his overall game was improving, but his numbers decreased. Playing better doesn't always seem to equal scoring better. It seems all summer a real hate has been festering for this kid, and I could care less why. I wonder though, if he excels with his talented linemates and the team comfortably sails into the post season, will we be happy for him, or just chalk it up to his wingers ? I want the Habs to win. Personally, I think another style forwrad would be nice, but Ribs is there, by Gainey's choice.
Well said sir.

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