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08-18-2006, 02:00 PM
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Originally Posted by Coco Fever View Post
Maybe this time the powerskating coach will really look at all the little details and come up with specific drills/exercices or recommandations to improve his skating.

It can be very technical and one has to spend a lot of time watching your movements before coming up with a plan.

Catch-22: I know (and you know that I know...) where he skated in '99, '00, '01, etc. And I don't think it was powerskating. More conditionning. And I'm not saying this in disrespect for the guy he used to work with.

A true powerskating coach will look at the way you skate, analyze it and see what areas you can work on to gain speed and powerful strides. He/she will not only tell you to skate that way, put your the tip of you blade here, etc. It's very specific.

In my case, I've already responded to you that most of the sessions were specifically powerskating. From a guy who has been at a powerskating session with Ribeiro, I can tell you that Ribeiro has done powerskating before. You have a right not to agree but I am forced to ask whether you were there at that time...

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