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04-03-2013, 02:54 PM
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Im going to bring some sanity to this thread before some people blow a socket. I am guessing I have seen more BJ games then most on this Flyers board (their my 2nd team). Been watching them since 2006 so kinda new but I have a decent idea of Mason.

I want to say one thing first. I DO NOT think this is a bad deal. Realistically, we can only hope a 3rd round pick could turn into Mason (currently a backup goalie).

Now who is Steve Mason. While those who look at stats see an average goalie, Mason DOES have the talent to be a decent starter in the NHL. I have watched him play the past few years, and his main problem is consistency. There are times where he could play LIGHTS OUT 95% of the game, but let in 1 or 2 soft goals and they lose. He is extremely inconsistent. That being said, he is still young as an NHL goalie (24 turning 25). He has the talent to turn in around. He really does. It is funny what a trade for a goaltender could do to them. Sometimes a great goalie becomes average, while an average goalie becomes great. There are MANY cases around the league that happen like this. Mason's main problem as a goalie was that he would FLY around the crease, getting out of position a lot. Supposedly he worked on it this past summer but this opened up new holes in his game. I guess its time to see from out point of view what he can now do.

I don't think this is a bad gamble. My guess is that they look to play Mason a decent amount during the stretch and based off his play will maybe decide to amnesty Bryz. While this might sound crazy, I can see Homer and the gang do this. Mason has a lot of work to do, but the kid has the talent to be good. He just has to screw his head on straight first.

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