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Originally Posted by Hawkey Town 18 View Post
Ok, I see your point, Jack Crawford was not a good comparable. I don't think you were saying I was, but just to be clear, I was not trying to promote Crawford. I only used him because I knew his numbers from owning him, and I think average #3 is a ranking that most people already had him at.

While you are beginning to win me over some, I also think that you could have chosen better comparables in your analysis of Thomson. Tom Johnson is traditionally thought of as having an underrated AS record because he was stuck behind Harvey for all those years. Bill White is a very defensive defenseman who tend to be underrated by voters that weigh offensive stats too heavily. I think they are worth mentioning, but I would also like to see a comparison to a couple other players who were more similar to Thomson before making my final decision on where he ranks.

The Mortson comparison was fine. I also had Goldham and Schoenfeld as above average #4's, but after going back and looking at the post you made a few days ago ranking all the Dmen that is probably underrating them some. I think you had them at least one tier too high, as I don't think they are on par with some of the other names in that group. I would put them in either the low-end #3 or high-end #4 category, so I will agree that I underrated Mortson some by only calling him only an above average #4.
Yes, there is very specific evidence that Tom Johnson was underrated by his awards record - he was stuck behind Harvey with no PP time; the one year Harvey was injured Johnson lept over a prime Bill Gadsby to win the Norris; and now this draft we have specific information from the year before the Norris win where NHL coaches voted Johnson the most underrated player in the NHL. For some reason, Sturm chooses to ignore the evidence, and I don't think that's going to change, but it's why Tom Johnson was ranked where he was on the defenseman project.

But Sturminator is pretty consistent about not second guessing awards records, so it's not really something to get into about specific players.

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