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Originally Posted by joshjull View Post
I've been thinking about this and it seems obvious in hindsight that Regier wasn't allowed by the previous owners to do what he is currently doing. Another benefit of Pegula I hadn't thought of until now is we are no longer under the year to year mandate to try and make the playoffs.

Golisano/Quinn were about the year to year budget. and the positive impact making the playoffs each year could have on that. The primary focus was on breaking even/making and the playoffs in that context was something they viewed as a another revenue stream. So their mindset was to always try to make the playoffs for the revenue. They also wouldn't allow Regier to take on salary at the deadline because they didn't allow deviation from the budget set before the season. So thats why we would have the bizarre deadlines with Darcy sending salary out in order to bring salary in.

But other than Campbell getting traded because we knew we couldn't re-sign him, our pending UFAs were not dealt to stockpile picks. If they were moved at all it was to free up money to add another player to the roster in a separate trade. The ultimate goal being just getting into the playoffs that particular year.

The new focus is about more than just making the playoffs but about doing some damage when we get there. As Darcy said when commenting on the Regehr trade; "We're really going to look toward building this team, not just to make it into the playoffs but go deep into the playoffs".

I know many of us understandably looked at the benefits of Pegula from the big spending side of things; aggressive attempts to sign UFAs, never having to let our top players go again because we could afford to re-sign them, eating contracts to facilitate trades and the ability to offer huge front loaded deals which helps with the first two things I mentioned.

The current ownership focus is looking at the long game and building a winner as opposed to a more narrowly focused year to year approach.

Darcy may or may not be the right man for the job. But he will certainly be allowed to do what he thinks needs to be done for the betterment of the team long term. Instead of a narrow year to year budgetary focus.
Right now, the bitter emotional part of me is waiting to see any benefit of the Pegula ownership.

Good, well thought-out post though. Obviously the important decision will be who is in charge of this rebuilding effort, and what plan that person has for it.

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