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Originally Posted by shoop View Post
The stats were modified to answer a question about the outcome IF the stats were modified in a certain way.

We could have potentially lost three more games. Or all five extra goals could have had no effect on the final results for any of the games. Their is a possibility that improved goalie play could have lead to more offence.

Extrapolate an extra five goals over 29 games for the season and you can pinpoint exactly two of the games those goals would have impacted?! With that level of ability you can definitely make some money in Vegas.
What is there to extrapolate? These are games we have already played, we have all of the stats for them. I just subbed in 2 fewer shots and the revised sv%. In two cases we ended up losing outright, in two we stayed in a tie. In one of the ties, we already won the shoot out, and it would be very safe to assume that a goalie with a 1.000% shoot out stat would have won the second.

As for gambling...yes, I do do quite well with gambling...well the card tables any ways. Always look for the dealer that doesn't look at players cards...rookies, always play by the book.

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