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04-03-2013, 05:37 PM
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Originally Posted by TheDrizzle81 View Post
Mason isnt gonna get an upgrade on his deal ANYWHERE. I agree he shouldnt tell the world what his plan is.

Mason is 24. Relax. Its been mentioned umpteen times that most of the leagues starters dont even break in the league until they are 24ish. Columbus was wrong to rely on a kid. Wrong. Just like Philly was wrong to rely on a 21 year old kid in his first season in north america. a 3rd 2 years from now is NOTHING to pay to explore options early. He doesnt sign, we lose a 3rd in 2015. Big ****ing deal. He plays well, he plays well. We have 2 years to buy out Bryz. Why not sign Mason for a year and see what he has.

I forgot any asset the flyers owns>Sidney Crosby. Relax
Giving away draft picks for no real good reason is a big ****ing deal. It's not like this is the first time it's happened. Holmgren today was just brilliant, first he tells everyone he didn't know the trade was going down. How the hell does the GM of the team not know a trade was going down? Then he talks about signing this guy for a lower price. Why say that? Why does he have to blab so much to the media?

I am not a fan of Mason and I don't think he's worth $2.9 million or even half that, but I've been looking at this trade and just don't get why it even had to be made. Why not just ride the season out and let MFL go? There are better goalies out there than Mason.

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