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Originally Posted by funghoul View Post
hating him, not liking the way he plays. what's the difference. its obvious you don't "know" him. he has played well this year tho. he IS one of our best players. and plays every game to boot. if the team was better in front and we were winning meaning he was playing the same way but we scored more goals and won more games you'd think he was awesome, which makes no sense. if you didn't think he was awesome in that case then it would just boil down to hate. i love having him on our team. best goalie since hextall. the contract sucks but thats one of many things that suck about this team. i have a problem with a lot of our guys contracts.
If you don't know the difference b/w not liking/hating a player for the way he plays and the player himself, I don't know what to say.

No, no he has not. If you look at his whole body of work this season and last year, Bryz has been mediocre. He is PAID to be one of our best players, yet he is not.

Still no. This scenario played out last year. The Flyers consistently outscored Bryz last year. Most games last season felt like the team was playing against the opposing team + Bryz. I was extremely unimpressed with Bryz last season and remain so this season.

Best goalie since Hextall? On what planet? Roman Cechmanek and his superior numbers to Bryz say hi.

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