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04-03-2013, 06:43 PM
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Originally Posted by habtastic View Post
I dunno, the leafs are honestly a good team. They've insulated Reimer and have some serious offensive punch and a wily coach.

Just in advance of the leaf who quotes Reimer's save% vs Price's -- you're not fooling anyone with Mr. "I have NO idea where the puck is." We know who you'd rather have, even though he gets scrutinized to death by our own fanbase.

I would LOVE to see another battle of Ontario, but obviously that can't happen standings wise unless something miraculous happens.

I would like facing the Sens as well, but it would be really really tough. Spezza coming back as well as Anderson (Cowen too, Michalek likely...crap) -- that's a team that could go very deep in the playoffs unless a tire comes loose/they get very unlucky. We would need all the bounces in that series. Also, Alfie is kinda good against us.
If we face the Leafs I am fairly confident that all habs fans would be glad we're the team that has Price in our crease no matter what his or Rimer's save% is. I'm just worried about how our games have been against the Leafs not only this season but the last couple seasons too, they always give us a hard time.

And whether its us who faces the sens or Boston, I just hope the sens get kicked out in round 1 before Anderson, Michalek and Spezza come back cause that crippled team is already playing hard to beat as it is, when they should be easy wins for a handful of teams.

Edit: Scratch that, if the sens and bruins go head to head I hope the sens sweep them

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