Thread: GDT: Pens @ Rangers Part II
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04-03-2013, 08:45 PM
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Originally Posted by Ailurophile View Post
Miller's second game was the example my father gave earlier as well. It's very easy to get carried away.

I understand Jon's perspective of just enjoying it while it's good and worry about it going to hell if and when it does, but I'm a realist. That's a difficult perspective for me to entertain.
Not trying to argue and I acknowledge that they all could fall - or plummet - back to earth, but comparing it to Miller's game isn't a good example (neither is Voros, for whoever said that). Miller's goals were kind of fluky, hit the goalie and trickle in type of plays. Brassard and Clowe's goals have been legitimate hockey goals, and Brassard in particular is showing a lot of offensive flair and awareness. We're talking about a high pick whose been a consistent 40+ point player and proven he's ready for the NHL over the past few years. He's 25 now, and clearly an NHL ready player, and it's been speculated in several past seasons that a change of scenery could do him good. So far, he looks like a great passer, which was always supposed to be his strength and, like I said, he's already proven he can be a 40+ point player in the NHL. Miller will still be lucky to max out as a 40+ point player right now. It's a lot more realistic to get excited and think that Brassard can benefit from the change of scenery than it would be to get carried away with expectations for an 18 year old Miller. It's also a lot more realistic to expect that Clowe can bounce back to his 20+ goal form, since he was there not too long ago and had been have an uncharacteristically bad season. The showing they're giving us isn't completely out of the blue; it's a peak at the kind of players they can be. Brassard was supposed to be this guy when he was drafted but has only managed 40-50 points a year. Clowe had been this guy every year pretty much, until this.

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