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04-03-2013, 09:02 PM
Richter Scale
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I missed the first 2 periods because I had a late night tonight; knew it was going to happen and was very disappointed to miss seeing how these guys started their careers with NYR. Looks like its been a good game.

Are we actually lookin good, border-line dominant? Or are they all finally getting good bounces / MAF playing horribly?


I was one of the bigger proponents of the trades that were made, but even that said, I really don't want this one game to make peoples' expectations go through the roof. Lets at least keep them on this planet folks. There is no way this level of scoring continues.

That said, while its just one game; and we'll see if it continues, at the very least it demonstrates how these deals may not have been as awful as reading these boards would have indicated to an outsider. I hope people who were absolutely throwing hissy fits at both of these trades and acting like babies are at least getting used to the idea of cookin up some crow.

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