Thread: GDT: sallaD @ Anaheim (G2)
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04-03-2013, 09:25 PM
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Originally Posted by CampbellBetterBeGOD View Post
Came to say good luck tonight and felt obliged to respond to this as well. If you really think they're some of the worst then you're clearly not very familiar with them.

As far as their response to the hit, I've never heard them get that excited about much before, so I can't blame them considering they have the unfortunate task of having to cover our ****** team all season. I'm surprised they aren't going crazy over the Stars when they are able to make an actual entry into the offensive zone.

Anywho, good luck tonight guys. I'm gonna miss our frequent divisional matchups next season. I love hating you guys.
i know what your saying but razor is the most arrogant color guy....ive heard some of the most uncalled for/annoying things come out of his mouth....i remember the ribero SO goal against the kings, and if riberio's actions alone wernt embarassing enough razor is saying (in a taunting fasion) "cheeckkkky, cheeckkkky, soooooooooooo cheeecky"

edit: and im not pretending that hazy is good......because that guy is a joke too

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