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Originally Posted by Move the Coyotes View Post
They really just need to let this team die already and let the fans say goodbye. They've been strung around for 4 years with this whole charade. I'm typically a supporter of Bettman but he strikes out here. And what the hell does he think he's doing by saying he has no 'plan B' He needs to be addressing this situation and not sweeping it under the rug and finally put this thing to rest.
Ya, y'know, Ive never had much time for Bettman Haters', still dont for those who go over the top with it. Actually appreciated his combative nature, turning the tables on reporters in challenging the very premises of their questions. The interrogated becoming the interrogator. Amused by his obfuscations.... then the wheels started to fall off. I guess for me in 04/05 during the first lockout and thereafter his mishandling of a lot of things, a lot of different files. No longer amused as people were getting messed up, hurt, screwed. This situation in particular. And I dont mean just since 2009 & the BK, I mean since 1996 in Phoenix proper. Technically since February 1st 1993 when he assumed office as his mishandling of this situation has caused me to shine some serious lights on all of his meanderings. Just cant do anything but shake your head.... nice avy btw. Todd Gill.

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