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08-19-2006, 10:52 PM
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Originally Posted by Goalie_Gal View Post
I'm finding this thread very interesting because I'm just starting out- I started in the spring and have been playing pickup about 3 times a week all summer. They all keep telling me to be a little more aggressive in the crease but this isn't even a league, it's just a bunch of guys (and me) getting together to play whenever we can. So I'm not sure how far I can push it, I don't want to cross the line of the (usually) friendly play we have. Interestingly enough, last night I had the puck completely under my leg pad and some *** started jabbing away at my leg, trying to get under it. This is the same guy that stands practically on top of me lately. I've started giving him a few elbows and whacks with the stick but considering he's got probably 100lbs on me, I doubt he even felt it.
ever heard of "checking the oil?"

Warn him that it's pissing you off. If he still does it, bend your knee put the shaft over your knee as a lever, then place the blade of your stick between his legs and press down really hard. He'll get the point.

You can also put your stick on the back of his skates and then hit your paddle with your knee and he'll go down... and fast. Either one of these should make your point clear that you're not going to take his crap.

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