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Originally Posted by Move the Coyotes View Post
Its not that I don't think hockey can work in Phoenix. I think it can work anywhere if promoted and sold properly. Here in South Florida, the Panthers are finally starting to get it right, they have a sweetheart arena deal and are profitable as a loss leader.... The problem with Phoenix though is that the well has been poisoned to the point where this thing just does not look like it can be salvaged.
While I agree with most of what your saying, impossible not to really, I do part company on the "well is poisoned" bit, as I dont believe anyones ever actually dug any wells in Phoenix since 96. Gluckstern, Burke, Ellman, Moyes, certainly not the NHL, all Dry Miners. Open Pit. Just making a mess. Left some horrific scars in the earth out in the desert but never really even tried to tap the wealth in the Valley. Just moved and slung a lot of dirt, accomplishing nothing short of embarrassing themselves. Excellent facility, glittering palace just sitting there waiting for someone who actually knows what their doing. Someone like your guy Yormark. This can be fixed. Easy peasy really. No doubt in my mind about that.

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