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Originally Posted by revolverjgw View Post
I would say Crosby is much closer to Jagr offensively than you think. Both guys are the best and most consistent offensive players of their eras. I give Jagr the advantage offensively but it's not large, and Crosby contributes more all over the ice (especially being a center with more defensive responsibility). To me there's no doubt who I'd want, a solid two-way center of Crosby's immense scoring skill vs a moody one-dimensional winger with Jagr's slightly more immense scoring skill. But either way it's very close for me.

I agree that Jagr a top 5 offensive player. Talking about how legendary Jagr was at scoring is just preaching to the choir. It doesn't change anything about my view on Crosby, who I hold in higher regard than you do. And bringing up guys like Gilmour and Toews or whoever in an arbitrary list doesn't either. Crosby isn't just a star with a very good overall game, he's the best scorer of his era with a very good overall game.

Forsberg, universally derided? He's a god on hfboards. And plenty of people knock Crosby all the time for his missed time, just scroll up
It's debatable if he's the best scorer of his era. He has all but 1 Art Ross to show for to receive "best scorer of his era" status.

Again you can bring up the whole two-way, defensively responsible argument all you want, but the eye test as you brought up earlier tells me that Jagr "dominated" in ways Crosby has only ever dreamed of. Heck even this season Crosby didn't wow me with his play. Malkin was more impressive and more dominant last season.

Just ask Big Phil, he will tell you that he thinks Malkin's season last year was the closest a player has come to dominating games the way Jagr did in his prime.

I'll take the moody, one-dimensional player who not only scored more than everyone else but also carried teams better than anyone else in his prime every day of the week over a player who is a good scorer and good two-way player with a deep team.

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