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Originally Posted by TheLegend View Post
Today's interview with Pastor now available on the front page.
Great Interview. Honestly, out of all the interested buyers, he is easily the most sincere and straight shooting. Here is what was said

1. Pastor met with Glendale Mayor today and said they had a great conversation. Pastor said the Mayor was refreshing and approachable. Said mutual interest and had great meeting.

2. After the meeting, spoke with Bill Daly of the NHL.

3. Pastor said "It was a great experience to attend the game and it's always fun to beat the Kings" He went crazy after third goal

4. Says there is misinformation regarding who would purchase the team. He said Pastor family interests and not Capstone Affluent Strategies (his company) would purchase it. Says there is enough capital to purchase the team to not include Capstone Affluent Strategies. States that has always been the case and has not changed. He said no one contacted him directly about this or their PR firm. He said sources just made the assumption that the purchase would be from Capstone Affluent Strategies and that the media didn't do their research.

5. Pastor states he has been working on this for 6 months.

6. When asked about the 6 month period, Pastor said "The only way to buy something is to make sure the money is in place"

7. When asked about competition from other groups trying to buy the Coyotes, Pastor replies "Are these the same groups that have been around the past 3 years" (sarcastically to suggest he is not concerned)

8. Says he doesn't understand why it's take so long for a deal to get done. He says you have an undervalued asset in one of the greatest cities in America. Says he doesn't understand why it takes 12-24 months to close a deal.

9. Says he has been in Phoenix for the past two days and is getting his team involved.

10. Says as a banker it is an undervalued asset.

11. Roc and Manuch say the area (Westgate) will go under if the deal doesn't get done. Pastor responds sarcastically "Yeah what are you going to do have 365 days of tractor pulls" LOL - I love this guy already

12. Defends Phoenix community by saying it's hard for community to buy tickets to a game when there is no assurance the team will be here in the long run. He says there is no owner and that impacts ticket sales.

13. Says he spoke with Mike of the Coyotes

14. Says he has to work in tandem with the NHL and City of Glendale to get deal done and says this is one reason why deals failed in the past.

15. Says Glendale Mayor gave his process of how this deal will work and Bill Daily has his process.

16. Says he received paperwork from NHL today. Pastor gave paperwork to his lawyers. Says his lawyers will guide him on how to proceed. Could not give timeline on when a deal will get done from today.

17. Says has not given thought regarding Arizona vs Phoenix Coyotes. Jokingly says Coyotes is rougher animal than a Duck

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