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Originally Posted by XX View Post

No, you don't. Let me spare you all. The guy gave zero concrete details, and misspoke on several counts.

Which proves what a phony he is. He didn't say how or why. He just said "as a banker, this is under-valued." Well, you're a moron then. You've got zero real buyers that have emerged because the team is overpriced. We've got years of subsidy attempts and plenty of examples in other cities as to what a small market team is worth. The asset is in no way under-valued. It is over-valued precisely because the NHL can earn back every dollar they spend and then some by selling to another market. Really, it takes a serious level of audacity (or stupidity) to claim that an asset losing 30mm annually is 'under-valued.'

The guy is a crock of ****. Exactly what you would expect of someone who introduces himself via press release. Move along. Some of you need to develop critical thinking skills.
That is not true at all. He did give several concrete details. He attended the Coyotes game last night. He met with the mayor today. He spoke with Bill Daly today. He received paperwork from the NHL today and submitted it to his lawyers. He states he has the money to buy the team from his family assets. Do you really expect him to give details on when he will purchase the team when he hasn't even read the contracts and paper work? This is not like going to McDonalds and buying a Happy Meal. You are purchasing a 170 million dollar sports team.

The team is undervalued. A 170 million for a professional sports team in one of the 4 major sports in the 12th largest television market(soon to be 11th) in the United States. Also the Phoenix metro continues to grow in size so that television market is going to become a top 10 market within the next 10-20 years.

The NHL is trying to establish itself in Phoenix because it is one of the largest television markets in the country and leagues make money through television contracts not seats. The big money is in negotiating billion dollar contracts which it can do with the more large television markets it possesses.

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