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04-03-2013, 11:15 PM
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Originally Posted by Vorkosh View Post
I'm pretty sure if Gillis renegs on the agreement, Tallon would be on the horn to all other GM's and Gillis would have no trading partners.. ever. It would do a lot more damage to Gillis' reputation
i think its the opposite, Talon would lose his reputation and Gillis would look like a genius.

Its would not be like Talon wasn't trying to to find a loopholes by circumventing the rules and get his ass kicked for it

Wake up, there are no GM association protecting their victim. Its everyone for themselves. If any GM would refuse to make a deal with Gillis in the future, they would just hurt themselves as much as Gillis. Especially since they would allow other GM to get better deal from Gillis because they remove themselves from making competing offer.

What about this instead:

1. Luongo agrees if he is given a compliance buy out he will sign with Florida. He negotiates this before trade is made.

2. Vancouver releases Luongo

3. Luongo signs with Florida

4. Florida does a lopsided trade to vancouver such as goalie + 1st for $$ and future considerations.

Of course nothing force Florida to do the step 4 and nothing force Luongo to sign with Florida.

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