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04-03-2013, 11:17 PM
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Originally Posted by yotesreign View Post
While I find it unfortunate that the NHL could move the team for next season and not announce it before the 17th, I do not expect the league to sell the team for local ownership before the 17th and I do not expect the league to make any announcement before the 17th.

I would not assert that everyone gets enjoyment out of the NHL owning our team and the inability to date to find an owner to own the team here - but I've read many of the posts in these threads, and many many posters do get enjoyment from it, from the ones rooting for Glendale to go bankrupt to the ones rooting for the Goldwater Gang to sue them, to the ones rooting for bad things to happen to out-of-staters like Gary Bettman or the "IE clowns" or Matt Hulsizer...

I think PLENTY of people who posted here over the last few years would not only stage a Roman Holiday over the team relocating... they'd probably get lots to show up for such a RALLY, especially the ones who think a rally has meaning.

Present company excluded, of course.

Or maybe they'll stay, under league ownership or Goosebee or Pasteur or someone else... surely everyone would be okay with that, right?
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