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04-03-2013, 11:32 PM
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Originally Posted by Richter Scale View Post
I agree that people need to put the game in perspective. I have no problem with people enjoying the win -- its been a long time coming and we certainly deserved it. But my main issue with the huge swing from "OMG WORST TRADE EVER" to "OMG SATHER IS A MAGICIAN" is that expectations will be raised way too high for these players and that the first hint of a slump/mistake and these guys/the trades will be seen as **** all over again.
My thoughts exactly.

That said, I don't get why you don't like Brassard or the Gaborik trade. I normally respect your reasoned posts - even if I disagree with the overall conclusion, I at least understand how you got there or what your perspective is. You're one of the few that actually gives substantive rationale for things and doesn't seem to get hyperbolic. But seriously, what specifically don't you like about the Gabby trade? Got a really solid 3C, a solid RW'r, the cap space to keep Clowe, and a solid 5/6d with top 4 upside. I don't understand what else you could have expected to get out of a Gaborik trade other than a 1st rounder (which was basically Moore).

And specifically what about Brassard don't you like as a 3C? Is it the cap hit? Is it that you don't see him as a good fit in the Torts system? I don't get it. He had big expectations on him when he entered the league, and so far he's failed to live up to them fully, so I can see that -- but even if he just stays a 40+ pt 3C for the Rangers, that's huge. I don't know that I could name many (any?) 3Cs in this league who consistently put up 40-45 pts. They kept personnel that him not being amazing defensively doesn't kill their PK... Just not understanding the Brassard hate unless its just disappointment based on what people thought he'd be.
I don't like dumb, inefficient players, and that's what Brassard has always struck me as. I don't evaluate offensive players simply by their stats. That is, of course, important, but you can't understand how strong a player is if you go only on his goal and assist totals, because you aren't getting the story of what he is doing offensively all those trips down the ice when the puck doesn't end up in the net.

Brassard's a poor decision maker with the puck. He wastes a lot of offensive zone opportunities, and he turns the puck over a lot. There is no doubt that he has a lot of talent, but I don't like wasteful players. 50 point players who do more to harm your team than to help it are not uncommon. Hell, you can even find 70 point players that fall into that category, and we should know; we've had two of them in Gomez and Jokinen.

Plus, it isn't as if he's a notable defender. And at 25, the ship has most likely sailed on his "potential." IMO, Ken Hitchcock is a terrific coach, and Brassard struggled mightily under him.

He's not good enough defensively to be a shutdown center, and he's an inefficient offensive player. Where does he fit in? I don't think guys like this make for an intelligently-constructed roster, and I feel that they should be avoided. Granted, I felt the same way about Gaborik, but Gaborik is still a 40 goal scorer as recently as last season.

If the trade was Gaborik and the other crap for Moore, Dorsett, and a 1st, I'd have had no qualms.

Originally Posted by -31- View Post
Weren't you gloating about Jeff Halpern scoring a goal like two days ago?
You know, if you want to criticize my opinion on Halpern, go for it. But you know damn well that I wasn't gloating about him scoring a goal. Who cares if he scores any goals? He's a $700k faceoff man and penalty killer, and he did exactly what was asked of him. I was just pointing out, again, how Halpern is good enough for a team much higher in the standings than this team is. I don't even understand the comparison you're making, since Halpern has been consistently better than Boyle all season long at the only thing besides faceoffs that Boyle isn't atrocious at: penalty killing.

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