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04-03-2013, 11:34 PM
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Ah, didn't see your message until now... no SIM in my phone until just before the game. But I scored the Lemieux jersey so I'm super happy with that, it's a size bigger than I would've ideally gone for (it's a L and I'm a pretty big dude) but it's no bigger than other jersey's I've got. Also managed to score the last Penguins puck in the store and the 15% discount worked a treat. I have a $25 off on a $125+ purchase code somewhere on my receipt if anyone wants it, I think it's valid for a while.

The game... ha, I can take a loss but a bit sad at the lack of tension. After the first period it was just obvious that it wasn't going to go our way. But you know what, I had a really great time, it was awesome seeing what goes on during the TV breaks, the atmosphere was really good and everyone there was super nice and the ribbing was funny. One of the girls in the row in front won a prize and had her photo taken, I tried to photobomb it with the penguins logo but no idea if it came out. Had to be done though!

Anyway, hockey fans rule and everyone around us seemed good people. I wish our soccer fans could behave the same way.

(I did hear some heckling during the national anthem though. That was weird!)

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