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Originally Posted by Kevin8se7en View Post
Gretzky and Lemieux don't have comparables, and Crosby should end up with Yzerman-like numbers throughout his career.
do you mean raw stats or PPG or how he places in the list of scorers year in or year out?

Steve had some pretty good raw stats but only showed up in the top 10 in scoring 6 times. I would have thought it was more it surprised me.

even his raw stats can be a bit misleading as it was easier to score goals for most of the time Steve enjoyed his offensive peak.

I haven't seen any metric, other than perhaps raw stats, to suggest that Steve had a better 1st 8 years than Sid has had.

In fact the only thing holding Sid out of the Wayne and Mario stratosphere in each players 1st 8 years (ie one of the best 5 first 8 year performances ever) is injuries and more competition from non traditional Canadian sources of talent for top 5,10 finishes ect...

Man even with the injuries Sid's first 8 years still probably makes the top 10 of all time.

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