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Originally Posted by XX View Post
Let be more clear since this isn't working; he said **** all about how he is going to structure and/or close the deal.
This isn't difficult to understand. Do you really expect him to provide details regarding how he will close a deal when he doesn't know the terms of the deal? He just received paperwork from the NHL. What part of that did you miss?

Good for him. So did a few guys from Canada with zero money who wanted to play home games in Saskatchewan. Hell, they got pretty far before people realized they were just a sham like Hulsizer. And Matty boy actually put money in escrow.
Except the difference is none of those investors had the money to purchase the team not even Hulsizer. Pastor doesn't require amassing an ambiguous group of potential investors to purchase the team. He has the capital right now from his family and personal wealth to purchase the team. Of course, this doesn't mean he will purchase the team or will still have the desire to purchase the team. He may very well conclude it's not a worthwhile investment.

Pastor can say whatever he wants. Nobody bothered to ask him to prove it. Until such a time that there is a personal guaranty signed, the ink dries and he takes the keys, he doesn't have the money. That he is buying the team from personal assets yet is still signing up investors for an investment that he doesn't know the details of should be a giant red flag to anyone with half a brain.
No fan is saying is saying this is a done deal. Even if he has the money, he may choose not to purchase the team because he ultimately doesn't see it as a worthwhile investment. Again, he is not buying a car. He is buying a 170 million dollar sports franchise. Anyone with half a brain would understand that no one would provide affirmative answers in an 11 minute interview with local sports radio hosts. That is completely asinine to expect that. Do you really expect him to say "Hey check out my bank account, I'm going to buy the team on Monday" It doesn't work like that in the real world.

Funny. You have a moment of clarity here, though your posts to date seem to fall exactly in line with the McDonalds example provided.
I'm being polite. I'm just astonished that anyone would expect a potential investor to disclose precise details when they haven't read the contracts or the paperwork or have had time to deliberate these matters. I think you should focus less on insults and more on what I just said.

That is not how assets are evaluated. Certainly not sports teams. And I am being nice when I phrase it that way.
I was being nice as well because I assumed I didn't have to spell it out for you. Teams make money from the money dispersed by the league. As the league renegotiates television contracts, that money is dispersed among the owners which adds value to a franchise. It's completely asinine to undermine this fact when valuing an asset like a professional sports franchise. Furthermore, I'm pretty confident Pastor is not an idiot considering his education and success with his company.

The NHL is a gate driven league. And, even if you want to indulge in the argument that the Coyotes are somehow relevant to the TV deals (NBC has said they are not), Seattle is an even better TV market. Stop.
Are you kidding me? No professional league is gate driven certainly not the NFL, NBA, MLB and yes the NHL. The bulk of their revenue comes from television contracts not the gate, concession, merchandising etc.

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