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04-04-2013, 12:08 AM
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Originally Posted by Baerstcheese View Post
Interesting. Thanks for sharing. I'd say that if an 8th overall pick and a late 2nd can get a 4th, then a mid 1st, late 1st and A-B prospect could get a 4th or 5th in a good draft.
Bear in mind that that was a Doug MacLean trade and therefore not necessarily a reasonable reference point. That was when he gave up a chance at Andrew Ladd in favor of Alexandre Picard - the forward, not the defenseman.

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Originally Posted by Baerstcheese View Post
Columbus's firsts and Atkinson. Perhaps. Probably not though... I see your point
...and honestly, our response to that would be along the lines of "lol go jump in a lake".

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Originally Posted by Baerstcheese View Post
Fair enough but the thing is, if we were to offer Baertschi, it'd be more like 2 1sts and Ryan Murray, which I would really think about doing...
Lord G-d Almighty, hon. There are precisely three and only three names that would make us consider moving Murray, and two of them play for a future division rival about 150-200 miles due east.

Nothing against Baertschi; it's just that Murray is considered our best shot at a regular Norris winner among many, many blueliners in the system.

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Originally Posted by western redmen View Post
I don't think Atkinson is comparable to baertschi at the moment. The only prospect I see being similar to baertschi is Murray. If the trade is LA and NYR 1st for ours, I would probably do it.
Moving two picks to get into the top-5 would be something we would nominally be willing to do.

Don't ask about Murray, though. It will not go well.

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