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04-04-2013, 01:10 AM
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Originally Posted by Enhanced View Post
I actually agree with this.

Even though Schneider is better than Lu, is he better by that wide of a margin that Lu had to be pushed out of the door so quickly, nevermind the fact that Lu signed a large ass contract? The Canucks made their decision with Luongo in signing him to that contract, if a better goalie comes along, trade him for a king's ransom. There is no way that Schneider is that much better than Lu for this entire debacle to happen (and the parity between them is evident in the beginning of the season when there was a "goalie controversy").

Like I don't see LA pushing Quick out the door with his contract because Bernier is slightly better. Similarly, MTL traded Halak for some nice assets and kept Price when Halak was considered the better goalie.

What Gillis is doing in my mind is essentially having the mentality that, where he can only have one toy, he just wants the fancier and newer toy, nevermind that his old toy is still great. What does he do? He kicks and screams and cries and makes it into a mess of a situation until he gets what he wants. Ya know, just like those entitled kids do.
That analogy.

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