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04-04-2013, 12:13 AM
Mac DeMarco
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Columbus fan coming to weigh in. You guys got some of the most like-able players from our roster. Saw the player discussion threads but felt this was the best place to give an opinion on all three guys.

Brassard- Taken 6th overall 2 GMs ago. Was a highly-touted, dynamic, high-scoring junior player. Expectations were high from the start. Played well in his time in the AHL, and gave a sense of his potential not just there, but in his rookie season that saw him post 25 points in 32 games at the NHL level. Got his shoulder ripped out of socket in a fight with James Neal, and he never looked the same really. During those 32 games he was hands down our best player. Even over Nash. Showed heart, and creativity that we had hoped for.

Since then, it's been a different story. He's hinted at being the player that we saw, but couldn't keep it together. Was in Hitch's doghouse, and couldn't put up anything offensively. Hitch got fired, and Claude Noel stepped in as interim coach. Brassard's game took off under Noel. He was everywhere. Then we let go of Noel in lieu of Scott Arniel. Brassard disappeared again under Arniel, and subsequently was in another coach's doghouse. Arniel was replaced with Richards at the halfway point last year, and Brassard ended the season once again picking up his play. IIRC he recorded 29 points in his final 33 games.

So you can see how he can be a maddening player for fans. Oozes skill, but only would show up in that way every now and then, and doesn't really bring much in other facets of the games. His spikes in production came at the end of two different seasons while in the midst of two coaching changes. Enigmatic to say the least. This season he has merely been serviceable, not reaching the point production levels that we've seen, yet not in the doghouse while being a good teammate. He's a great guy, and I'm sad for him to go mostly because he seemed to want to be part of the culture change. Gave a very heartfelt interview at the end of our 2-1 OT win against Anaheim on Sunday, saying how much they wanted to get to the post-season. However, it seems like he will be a good fit in NY, and I was happy to see him have a big night tonight.

John Moore- Wonderful kid. Week to the day older than me, so for whatever reason I've always liked him. He's an intelligent person. Great at interviewing, and a very ernest and humble guy. You want players like Johnny to succeed. He has a great head on his shoulders.

He's as fluid of a skater as you'll see. He doesn't have the best mind for the game, so his skating ability really helps him. He has other great tools – he's a good passer and has improved his d-zone play leaps and bounds. He was touted as a smooth offensive defenseman early on, but he's turned his development into a capable puck mover who doesn't do much offensively, but is reliable in his own zone. Wish he would use his shot more, however. He won the hardest shot competition while he was in Kitchener (I believe he clocked in at 98 mph), but you wouldn't ever know that by watching him play because he's simply not a shooter, as nice as it was to see him score tonight.

All in all, he's a guy you want to do well, and he's got the tools and the mindset that a pro needs to be successful. Probably doesn't have top-pairing potential anymore, but certainly is a guy who won't hurt you on your 2nd pair.

Derek Dorsett- This was the biggest shocker. Half-expected Moore and Brassard to be on the move, as we have depth on defense and Brassard was simply expendable to upgrade our scoring. Dorsett on the other hand was one of the biggest locker room presences that our organization has ever had. Always played with heart, and ALWAYS stuck up for teammates. Developed a surprising scoring touch last season, and now has potential to hit 20 goals sometime in his career. It was such a shot to the gut when he went out for the season. Seemed like our team came together to win games for him in a way.

He will undoubtedly lead your team in PIMs when he returns, and could wear an "A". Our fans always thought that he took bone-headed penalties, which, yes he did, but it was always out of grit and will. He's a guy that will do anything to win, and is actually a very good penalty killer. Another guy who wanted to be here for the culture change, and it's sad to see him gone.

With all things considered, I'm happy for both sides. You guys got some of the heart and soul depth that you lost in the Nash trade, and I'm happy to have a dynamic player in Gaborik. I said in the thread on our boards, but I think this gives Ryan Johansen a great opportunity to prove that he's the player that we all expect. He's really needed a proven scorer like Gaborik to capitalize on the beautiful plays that he creates. I think both teams will be very comparable next year, and am very excited to see you guys in our division next year!

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