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04-04-2013, 12:16 AM
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Originally Posted by coyotes View Post
Are you kidding me? No professional league is gate driven certainly not the NFL, NBA, MLB and yes the NHL. The bulk of their revenue comes from television contracts not the gate, concession, merchandising etc.
The NHL TV deal in the USA is $250 million a season over 10 years and before then the tv deals of the past are not even close. Even with this tv deal it is not like in the NFL where their tv deal($2 Billion a season) is enough to cover the expenses of almost every NFL team and still make a profit before ticket sales come into play. Even with this NHL TV Deal and new CBA in place there are still teams that lose money.

No offense here but speaking to you as a friend here I would strongly advise you to do some research before speaking anymore about this. there are plenty of threads here and on the BoH Board going back a few years with lots of details to the real deal over what is has gone on and why we are where we are now and why nobodies word assoicated with mess should ever be trusted.

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