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04-04-2013, 12:19 AM
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Originally Posted by Vorkosh View Post
Lindros was traded for cash.

Gretzky was sold for cash.

You're just nitpicking now really, which is pointless.

Boston jumped the gun with Iginla.

Same thing could have happened if Mike Gillis was like "Hey, We just got Ryan Clowe" and then Ryan Clowe goes "nah, I wanna go East with the Rangers"

Why blame Iginla when he has a NTC and has every right to choose where he goes?

You're really stretching here, but fine, I'll play along.

Aqualini sends a cheque for 28 million dollars to whoever owns the Panthers. Has a lawyer draw up legal papers saying that this 28 million dollars is a loan with 23% interest that's due back in 1 year with accrued interest. However, if the owner of the Panthers uses the 28 million dollars to buy out Luongo as a condition of the previously mentioned trade scenario, then the 28 million dollars is a gift out of the goodness of Mr Aqualini's heart.

Happy now?
guy, it was in old CBA.....the last and new CBA doesnt allow teams to trade Cash.

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