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04-04-2013, 01:35 AM
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Originally Posted by Jonathan. View Post
I don't see how he has low hockey IQ. I don't see that at all. Complain about him all you want, but I never even thought he was a dumb player in juniors. Dumb players aren't making those passes. Dumb players aren't lifting the puck perfectly over Fleury and timing it perfectly while taking a hit.

Bash the dude all you want. But I saw nothing to show me that he has bad hockey IQ. And I am the guy on this board who has been railing about the collective hockey IQ for months, now. If he has poor hockey IQ, than I have no idea what we would even consider Miller or Kreider. Sub-human? ******** sub-humans?

Also, his liability will be lessoned playing with better defensive players and in a system that has been pretty good at defense. Just my two cents, there.
What does his skill have to do with his mental game? Those are not mutually exclusive qualities. Scott Gomez is the epitome of low hockey IQ, and he has great hands and speed. He's my least favorite player of all time, and I've never denied that he is an extremely skilled and talented player. But either he just doesn't give a ****, he's really lazy, or he's a dolt. Frankly, not caring is equivalent to being dumb. Even if you know how to play, you're just as bad as a player without that knowledge if you don't apply it to your game.

Let me ask you this: we both agree that Brassard has phenomenal skill and talent. So if his mental game isn't the problem, what is?

What generally happens to highly skilled players who don't have a high hockey IQ? One of three things, as far as I can tell. Either they don't pan out in the NHL at all, they totally change their game to adapt and become bottom six role players, or they spend their career as inconsistent tweeners, usually not on top teams, and they put up 40-50 points a season.

Brassard is 25, I don't think it is far to compare him to Miller or Kreider. On the other hand, I've been talking about Kreider's lack of a mental game since he was drafted, if not earlier. I was more supportive of the Miller selection, but I've never felt that his head was the strongest part of his game. He just has so many other things going for him that it makes up for him being average in the hockey IQ department.

I do agree that his liability is lessened by the team around him, and that is precisely how the Devils made Gomez a workable part of their success. That is the most positive side of acquiring Brassard, IMO: the influence of some of the players on this team. Unfortunately, those influences didn't change other players we've had that shared some of Brassard's deficiencies. In fact, one of those influences, Tortorella, seems to develop a disliking for skill players with said deficiencies (although he isn't as quick to scorn grinders and plugs who suffer from this affliction).

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