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04-04-2013, 01:20 AM
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Lu's contract sucks, imagine he's a UFA

Iím sure many here saw the Luongo presser where he said ďmy contract sucksĒ to explain why he canít be moved. I also recall him saying if he could scrap it (his contract) he would (to be moved to play again as a #1)

Iím pretty sure the new CBA effectively prohibits a player from electing to kill his contract with the teamís permission without the team having to buy him out with major negative cap hit and real money ramifications. So thatís out.

But what if he and VAN could simply agree to dissolve the contract without without any penalty and he suddenly become a UFA? How much of the ~$42m heís due could he re-coup? Iím thinking $25m to start, and if he stays healthy and hungry another $10m+ in his late-autumn years.

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