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Name: Mike
Age: 36
Sex: M
Birthplace: Great Lakes Naval Base, IL
Hometown: Sandoval, IL
Current Location: Los Angeles, CA
Mode of Transportation: 2003 Chevy Impala (though I do take public transportation as often as possible - the drivers in this city are crazy)
Job: I work at a major movie studio, restoring/distributing our vast library of catalog films.
How and when you became a Blues fan: Went to high school in Kentucky. Best friend was a Blues fan from Missouri. After years of playing hockey video games, ESPN finally got the rights to show the games in 1992-93. My friend and I watched several games (he "introduced" me to the key players), including the amazing Leafs-Blues playoff series that year. Moved to Illinois that summer, and became a die-hard Blues fan the minute I realized that I could watch ALL of the games via a local broadcaster.
Favorite current Blues player: David Backes
Favorite all-time Blues player: Pavol Demitra (RIP )
Favorite active non-Blues player: Pernell Karl Subban
Favorite all-time non-Blues player: Sure, he played for the Hawks, and he's a bit of a schmuck in the broadcasting world, but I'd have to say Jeremy Roenick
Your Definitive Blues Moment: 1999 1st Round Game 7 against Phoenix. The game was on ESPN2, which we didn't get in my dorm, so I was actually unable to watch the game itself. I had to resort to checking the Headline News "sports ticker" every 20 minutes for a score update. 0-0 End 1st. 0-0 End 2nd. 0-0 End 3rd. Then, finally, STL 1 - PHX 0 OT. I ran down the halls, screaming "WE WON!" before quickly realizing that no one else on the floor cared at all. Seeing the highlight of Turgeon's celebration gave me chills instantly.
First Blues Game Attended: February 1994 against the Washington Capitals at the Arena. My friend suggested we stand near the glass during the warmups so we could see the players skate out onto the ice. I could not believe how HUGE Al Iafrate was.
College Attended/Attending: Kaskaskia College (A.S.), Northern Illinois Univ., Southern Illinois Univ. Carbondale (B.A. in Cinema Production).
Music You Listen To: Lots and lots.
Favorite Band(s): Oh so many.
Favorite Movie(s): Plenty of those too.
Favorite Food: Greek food, hands down.
Favorite TV Show: The Venture Bros., Community, New Girl, Bunheads (shut up - it's awesome).
Hobbies: I live 4 miles from the Pacific Ocean, so anything involving trips there.

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