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Originally Posted by ReLyT View Post
I bet they'd highly consider that. If Calgary's pick is out of the top 4 this whole discussion would be different.

I will say this though, I'll bet money on Jarmo with those picks over Feaster with his even if he holds the 3 pick
I would bet Feaster 10/10 on this one. Why?

Jackets have been very underwhelming in their drafting. Jarmo (and especially Davidson) is a HUGE step in that direction. However, what is their draft team like? How many scouts? What is their methodology? I am betting there hasn't been enough work in that area.

Calgary's has been evolving for the last while. Calgary's drafting was ATROCIOUS for years, but Darryl Sutter slowly started righting that ship (believe it or not). Flames started committing a heck of a lot more $$$ to scouting, and development, under his watch. Flames have started prioritizing a certain 'type' in his last draft (high hockey-IQ), and Feaster with Weisbrod took that ball and ran with it, keeping Todd Button as head amateur scout.

I find that you can't really qualify who is a better drafting GM even based on past histories in differing organizations. You have to look at the investment teams are making, and how much autonomy the scouting department has.

While I have absolutely no question that Jarmo has a much better eye for talent than Feaster does, Calgary's drafting and development machine has been quietly been upgrading over the last 5-7 years, and every year keeps adding something. Jarmo just doesn't have enough 'eyes' out there I would guess, based on how Columbus has been doing. On top of this, Calgary has control over their farm team, so they can dictate where to play certain prospects.

Perfect timing with this rebuild, actually...

Sorry for the long-winded rebuttal here... I just know that Calgary has been a team that has been pointed out as a poor drafting team (and also Feaster in his time in Tampa), but I find nobody looks into why, and analyzes a team's respective hockey ops department as to 'why' it is. (When Sutter took over, Flames only had 1 full time scout, and a shared farm team - to say it has expanded since then would be like saying World War 2 was just a 'border dispute').

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