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Originally Posted by Djp View Post
This is still a wildcard----

Washington does have young forward depth in their system.

some scouts are unsure with him. Could he be a 1st liner or a 3rd liner. This was a fair risk on Nashville's part while Washington wants to try and win now.

Latta who they also got back is replacing Forsberg in their system.
Is it really though?

That's where scouting comes in. And when you watch Forsberg...he has so many tools. High end skill, prototypical size, hockey sense. He may not be a great distributor of the puck, but he has solid creativity and vision offensively and the size to be a menace at the next level.

Nothing is guaranteed...but do you give that up for an average sized player with average attributes and average production, who is more than a decade older? No. You don't, unless you're a desperate GM, or you have some serious doubts about Forsberg's upside. And i haven't seen much to indicate his upside has dropped off since being drafted.

MPS is the example many toss out there in this case...but even MPS still has potential 2nd line upside...and he doesn't have anything close to the pure skillset that Forsberg has. MPS is faster yes, but Forsberg is a guy who can actually do things with the puck at a high speed, while skating very adequately if not better.

Forsberg has the same sort of 2nd line downside as Erats ceiling...with an extra potential decade of production factored in. It just seems silly to me.

Of course, everything could always go tragically wrong with Forsberg and he could amount to absolutely nothing as an NHLer...but at this point, i don't see it. And i don't think it would take long before Forsberg would be the superior winger in the NHL to Erat. Though who knows what will happen in the Predators system...they don't exactly have a sparkling track record developing standout offensive players.

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