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04-04-2013, 04:30 AM
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Originally Posted by lo1ux View Post
Hey guys and girls! Just got back from a trip to Canada about 3 weeks ago and was able to see a few NHL games whilst I was there and decided that when I came home I'd at least give ice skating a go.

Now being from Perth, Western Australia I'm about as far from the ice and snow (the reason I went to Canada) as you can possibly get. I was however surprised to find that we have 3 rinks here in town and that each rink has its own league...

Anyway I gave it a go and felt that this is something that I would most definitely enjoy, although I have size 15 feet and the rentals did not fit too well, so I made purchase of a new pair of CCM U+10's and they went well for the first few trips until all of a sudden I started getting some wicked pains in my lower shins where they where rubbing against the tongue of the skate. I tried all sorts of things to alleviate it and during the research I found that may skates may not be deep enough. I thought all was lost and I'd be up for a new set of skates but alas I came across one last useful bit of info posted by one of your members (beth) on how she had tied her laces. Using a variation of her lace tying I think I have managed to alleviate the pressure yet still keep the skate nice and tight on my foot. Happy days!

Enough of my rambling, the intention is to attend some learn to skate programs and then attend the learn to play hockey programs that the rink closest to me runs. I shall keep lurking around the forum taking in all the info I can.
You may be experiencing "lace bite". Friction causes inflammation. I get lace bite on a weekly basis. My ankles swell up pretty bad. I'm 26 and have been playing for 23 years and this is the first time I've ever had it, it can effect any player at any level. I wear extra socks and a tensor bandage. The better option is gels packs that attach to the back of the tongue, you can order them online. The way you tie the laces is obviously important too, I keep mine really loose around the ankles, for someone just starting out, you want them comfortable, but not too tight. I think tying them too tight is a mistake most beginners make. There needs to be some bend in the ankle.

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