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04-04-2013, 06:23 AM
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Originally Posted by The Duke View Post
This is one thing I don't get with "insiders". They are NHL paparazzi.

With Dave Nonis & Dreger being similar age (46 and 44 respectively) I can see them growing up in a close relationship where perhaps they can share this info but the work done by pro sport insiders seems rather sleazy to me.

I have an older cousin who is a coach and I would never imagine brown nosing for some junk rumor although I very rarely see him anyways. It just seems rude and rather classless. Last time I saw him - which was nearly 2 years ago - I kept it to family and the basics of how it's going in life and the team, not looking for dirt to advance a career.

Although, I do understand that many of these organizations make use of these journalists for their own gain and if these people want to have a career it's part of the basic duties if they want to feed their families. I'm just not fond of the way it unfolds sometimes.
LOL they're second cousins. Second cousins. It's like you guys have photos of them as babies together playing with blocks. The imagination of some folks around here is astounding.

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