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04-04-2013, 06:28 AM
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Originally Posted by Man Bear Pig View Post
What do you expect? it's the biggest market in the league. So only Dreger talks about the Leafs? Honestly, how reliable is he anymore? Mckenzie is the only concrete guy around. The rest are just speculators. People outside of Toronto get pissed anytime Toronto is mentioned. There's always going to be bias in the media. People out west hate Dreger? that's fine, I gotta listen to Hughson. Bias is everywhere, time to get over it.
I find it odd that we as Leaf fans and the Leafs themselves are being slammed for this. Where did the report about Luongo not waiving for TO early on come from? Where did Gillis' "mystery team" report come from? Where did the "there are multiple teams interested" reports come from?

With the way Gillis handled this, is it really inconcievable to think he wouldn't leak this just so he can say "see, i tried to move him for nothing and still couldn't". Hell, he and Luongo said opposite things on there pressers....Luongo stating his contract sucks and he was never asked to waive.....Gillis said the contract wasn't an issue and the NTC was.

If it's true that the reported offer was turned down, seems to me, Gillis has been using TO to create a non existant market and TO was never really interested.

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