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Originally Posted by BROOKLYnKNIGHTS View Post
Alot of Ifs. If Schneider gets injured then what?
If Luongo plays and gets shelled then no one wants him either and now not only because of his awful deal.
If Luongo retires after year seven of his contract then two teams are screwed if he gets dealt.
Luongo has a 904 save %. Is that better than Bishop who is 26
and making peanuts?
If Schneider gets hurt we're really glad to have Luongo.

I was saying "if" as in things might not be as terrible as people think this off-season.

What I do know is that I'm pretty happy with the roster that the Canucks have assuming they get their injured guys back as expected and they can maintain their playoff position while the injured guys get back.

No need to worry about the off-season until the off-season starts at this point because there are a lot of "ifs".

For all the flak Gillis is getting in this thread, it looks like Gillis is going to deliver a Canucks team to the playoffs with a very solid roster (top 5 IMO) which is ultimately what his job is.

He won't get fired/crucified for what he gets back in a Luongo trade as long as he can continue to deliver the above.

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