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04-04-2013, 08:32 AM
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Although a top 5 would be nice, it's amazing to see the resilience of this team. We are literally dropping like flies out there but the team fights is ass off. It's okay when you lose because you lack skill and talent, but the flyers still have that with all the injuries. When my team loses because of lack of effort and desire to win, i i have a problem with that. Shows a lot of character, especially their captain. People weren't happy with giroux scrapping it up in front of the net last night, I loved it. It shows the fight he and this team needs to display. You dont complain about the captain Going at it there, you punch in a goal to tie it for him. Show him that his emotional lift sparked the team.

It's seems earlier this year they were a fragile team, but with gagne and Knuble back into the mix they seem to have gained confidence. Gagne is known as a leader so his presence in the locker room is a welcomed addition. We might not make the playoffs, but the team hasn't given up on the season. As a flyers fan and a fan of hockey I can be proud to represent the team.

I will say though I'm afraid the injuries will start to catch up to them. There really is only so many plugs this team can put in until they start playing that way. Not saying the guys are bad players, but youngsters like the Great Dane, Gus, mcginn(seems to already be hitting that rookie wall a little) probably won't keep it up. Now I'm not saying its impossible, but realistically I don't see them maintaining their play. With huskins, gervais, Knuble, and so on playing some bigger minutes, I feel like we might be just out of the race. One thing though is like I said before, I love the fight this team has demonstrated.

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